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Show and Tell

Published on January 23rd 2017 by LMNS

Show and Tell


Every year in Mrs. Sheehan’s room,  we bring in our favourite toy and show it to our friends and tell them all about it.  Zarra forgot her toy; she was going to bring in a remote control car that she got from Santa.  Luke brought in a Nerf Gun; it shoots a missile and bullets.  He also brought in a robot dog.  His name is Texta. He’s favourite toy is the Nerf Gun.  Nora Kate brought in David Walliams newest book, The Midnight Gang, it was a very good book, and she enjoyed reading it.  She also brought in a robot dog like Luke’s.  Her favourite was the book, she loves reading, and reading is her favourite thing in the whole wide world. Ben brought in a very big Nerf Gun, it has a missile launcher, a red dart shooter and the main bit with the darts. He uses it when he plays Nerf wars.  Santa brought it for Christmas.

We had a great time looking at all our friend’s toys and listening to them telling us all about them.

2nd class

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