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Heritage in Schools

Published on January 23rd 2017 by LMNS

Heritage in Schools:

We recently had the privilege of having Jo Moran visit the school as part of the Heritage in Schools Initiative. Jo is an archaeologist. She told the children about digs that she had recently been part of.

The children in the Senior Room were all excited to hear about a bronze piece of jewellery that she found during a dig in Waterford. The boys were intrigued by the fact that, while performing a dig in Lismore, she and her partner had discovered the graves of very small children.

Jo showed us how she records all of the information when she is completing a dig. She explained the importance of carefully uncovering artefacts and how she records where she found each item. She told the children how to find out about all the local digs and archaeological sites around Waterford.

Jo then got the children to complete a dig of their own. They had to carefully, with the right tools, uncover their find and then describe what the evidence told them about the site they were digging on. Jo also told the children were all of the items they find are send and how they are dated and cared for.

We really appreciated the information Jo gave us and hope she can come visit again sometime.

Liosmór Mochuda National School is a mixed two-teacher school in Lismore, Co. Waterford under the Patronage of the Church of Ireland. It is nestled at the top of North Mall between the historic St. Carthages Cathedral and the Deanery.



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