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Junior Classroom Projects January 2019

Published on February 13th 2019 by LMNS

During the month of January the pupils in the Junior Classroom have been busy. At Geography class we learned about  ‘The Arctic’, this is one of our stories about ‘A day in the life of a Polar Bear’.

Hello my name is Icey.  Last week I went to go and catch seals for supper.  The seal was taking a breath I tried to catch it but it kept on going back under the water.

I dived into the water.  The seal kept on swimming away from  me.  I got to the top of the water and I took a deep breath.  I swam as fast as I could.  I finally caught the seal.  When I  caught the seal I saw lots of seals swimming around.  I caught six of them.  I saw some fish, I caught five of them.  When I was done I went back home and I gave all my family some fish and seals for supper.


Irish Legends.

We have been learning about some of our Irish Legends.  Here is one of our stories about Fionn and the Giants Causeway.

Long ago Fionn the great Irish Giant and Benandoner from Scotland, were enemies.  They planned a fight in Ireland.   They were shouting at each other across the sea.  When  Benandoner came, Fionn ran away from him. Fionn’s wife put a sleeping potion in Fionn’s drink.  He fell fast asleep.  His wife dressed him up in a blanket.  She put him in a cradle.   Benandoner came, and he thought, if the baby is that big, I wonder how big could his dad be.  He ran away and broke the Giants Causeway so that Fionn wouldn’t be able to follow him back to Scotland.


The other legend that we learnt was about Cu Chulainn.


Setanta was an ancient warrior.   When Setanta was five he left home to join the Red Branch Knights.  He took his silotar and his hurley wherever he went.  He killed the blacksmith’s hound.  After he killed the hound Setanta was named Cu Chulainn because he had to guard Chulainn’s Castle.  Cu Chulainn died from his own spear.

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