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Published on September 11th 2020 by LMNS

A big focus here in Liosmór Mochuda N.S. is our school community’s well-being. Thanks to our new teacher, Ms O’Farrell, we have a new well-being table! In Mrs Sheehan’s room “Thankful books” were a great addition and a lovely learning experience.
Schools play a vital role in the promotion of positive mental health in children. Schools can also provide a safe and supportive environment for building life skills and resilience and a strong sense of connectedness to school. The needs and well-being of school staff are also of paramount importance. Through the programme “Weaving Well-Being” we are ensuring that this is provided for throughout our school day 🙂

Liosmór Mochuda National School is a mixed two-teacher school in Lismore, Co. Waterford under the Patronage of the Church of Ireland. It is nestled at the top of North Mall between the historic St. Carthages Cathedral and the Deanery.



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