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Valentine’s Day

Published on February 16th 2017 by LMNS

On Valentine day when we came into school we found Valentine Cards on our desks and we didn’t know who they were from.  The children in Miss Quin’s class had made them for us.  We are still trying to guess who made our cards because they didn’t write their name on them.    Zarra never got a Valentine card before so she really loved getting her card.  Thanks to all the children in Miss Quin’s room for making Valentine’s Day special for us.

In class we learned all about St Valentine, he was a priest who lived in Rome, at this time Rome was ruled by an Emperor called Claudius.   Claudius was angry because all the men wanted to stay at home with their wives and children instead of joining his army.  So Claudius said that nobody in his army could get married.  Valentine helped by letting them marry in secret.  Valentine was thrown into prison.

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