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Towers and Tales

Published on May 17th 2019 by LMNS

Towers and Tales Visiting Artist.
As part of the Towers and Tales Festival , award winning author and illustrator of the best selling “Lets Make Some Great Art” series, Marion Deuchars came to our school. Marion did a hands on workshop with pupils in the Junior Classroom. Her first book is called “Bob the Artist”. Bob the Artist was made for her brother because her brother’s name was Bobby but he thought it sounded like baby so he changed it to Robert. We designed loads of Bobs on a sheet of paper. We cut out paper to make beaks and we coloured them, then we made holes in them and we put in string so that we could put them on our faces. Thank you Marion, we had a great time. 2nd Class

Liosmór Mochuda National School is a mixed two-teacher school in Lismore, Co. Waterford under the Patronage of the Church of Ireland. It is nestled at the top of North Mall between the historic St. Carthages Cathedral and the Deanery.



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