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Published on July 29th 2016 by admin


Our Projects on Scotland

The Scottish flag is called the Saltire and the Scottish national anthem is called the flower of Scotland. The Scottish national flower is the Thistle.  Scotland is a mountainous country.  The money used in Scotland is the pound sterling.   You can go skiing in Scotland in the winter.  There are a lot of islands and lakes in Scotland.  The most famous lake in Scotland is Loch Ness. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland.

By Morag and Alison


Slán and Farewell

Morag Davies has left us and is gone to live in Scotland.  Morag has been in Liosmór Mochuda for the last three and a half years and was much loved by staff and pupils. Mrs. Sheehan did projects on Scotland with the children before Morag left so that all the children would learn more about Morag’s new home. The pupils wrote poems about Morag and drew pictures and we made these into a book for Morag to keep and to help her remember us.  We will miss Morag very much.

Liosmór Mochuda National School is a mixed two-teacher school in Lismore, Co. Waterford under the Patronage of the Church of Ireland. It is nestled at the top of North Mall between the historic St. Carthages Cathedral and the Deanery.



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