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School Tour

Published on June 11th 2021 by LMNS

Our school tour
Last Friday we had our school tour in Lismore. Ms Farrell came with us.We walked down to the park where the start of the school tour was. Our guide was called Saoirse and she told us how to do the different stations. When we were put into groups, the first one was the water tower. We had these cylinder pieces and slides that we had to put together to make the water from the fountain⛲️ slide down it without spilling out. The next one was bug hunting. There were some trays and wooden spoons to use. We had to go around to different bushes shaking them lightly and getting bugs onto our trays🕷. We had a mini magnifying glass 🔍 and a bug book to find out what the insect was. The third station was launching a soft foam rocket into the air and measuring how far it went. There was a little pump you had to step on that would make the rocket fly🚀. They went very far! The last station was the potion 🧪 making. The guide gave you a list of stuff to find in the park and to put into a bowl. When you found everything she put the secret ingredient in it and made it fizz. Some people got to do some things again.
We had some lunch 🍭and played a bit before leaving the park to go to the Lismore Heritage Centre. We went up some stairs and went into a room and put our bags down. We got into groups and went to a table. The guide gave us some wires, a tiny light bulb on a block and a big battery. She showed us how to do some cool stuff with them😎. Next we did the egg drop challenge. The lady gave us a bag of stuff to use to make the egg 🥚 survive. Myself, Zarra and Klaudia’s egg survived the drop. We were happy with it. The last thing was making paper planes ✈️. Instead of just paper we used strips of paper and made a circle with them and sellotaped them on either side of a straw, one big and one small. We had a throwing competition to see how good they were. After that our tour was over so we went to the park and had a bit more lunch and went to the playground. When got back to school we did a quiz and before we went home there was a bag the Heritage Centre gave us with some dinosaur stuff in it🦖! It was fun.

On our school tour we went to the Lismore monument park and did some cool little things. First we got put into groups. After that she named out stations ‘1,2,3,4’,the three of us got to go to station 4 making a potion and we had to follow ingredients on paper. All the ingredients were things you would find lying around outside. After that we went to station 1, we had to make a water tunnel out of some pipes, when everyone was done we got to show our tunnel to see if it had worked, and it did! Next we were on number 2. We got given a tray and a spoon to hit the hedges. Our tray would then catch the bugs and we could see what bug it was with a magnifying glass. Now we are on number 1 shooting a rocket into the sky. There was a plastic pillow kind of thing attached to a pipe that was attached to the toy rocket you then put your foot on the pillow and stamped. The rocket went so high at one point I shot it into a tree. Then we had lunch when we were able to play in the park, we all played jail catch. The lady came back and brought us to the Heritage Centre. First we made electric circuits with a doorbell and a bulb. After that we had a contest to make an egg not break from a very high drop. We won because our egg didn’t break.

Liosmór Mochuda National School is a mixed two-teacher school in Lismore, Co. Waterford under the Patronage of the Church of Ireland. It is nestled at the top of North Mall between the historic St. Carthages Cathedral and the Deanery.



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