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Dogs Trust

Published on January 09th 2018 by LMNS

Heather from the Dogs Trust can to visit us on Monday January 8th. She told us all about the work that Dogs Trust does. She told us that lost, abandoned or stray dogs are firstly taken to the pound, if no one claims them in 5 days then they are either taken by a group like Dogs Trust or put to sleep.

She told us all about McGyver. His owners did not have the 3 E’s – Enough space, time or money. He was taken to Dogs Trust and taken care of by Ciara, his canine carer. He was checked over by vets, chipped, cleaned, vaccinated and given a bed. He was fed and walked twice a day and Ciara also played with him. He got new owners who found him when they walked along the re-homing corridor.

Heather showed us how to greet a dog and emphasised the need to be safe around dogs – you shouldn’t approach a dog without it’s owner present. She showed us the special sniff fist you show dogs before rubbing them and the X-Factor position when you want them to leave you alone. Her dog also came from Dogs Trust.

It was very informative and fun. We each got a certificate.


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