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“Liosmór Mochuda National School is a community which is proud of its Church of Ireland traditions.
We are committed to developing each child’s full potential in a positive, supportive and Christian environment.
We invite everyone to participate and we urge everyone to contribute.”

Extra Curricular
Activities & Events

We aim to give the children as many opportunities as possible to experience a full and rounded education.
See below for a list of activities and events organised by the school.

  • Art activities
  • Baking
  • Carol singing
  • Attending Castle Arts activities
  • Healthy Lunch Initiatives
  • Visits from Christian Aid
  • Christmas Plays
  • Clay
  • Cycling
  • Sports – Dance, Gymnastics
  • Drama
  • Presentation on Projects
  • Violin Lessons
  • Visits from lambs, duckling and chicks
  • Glusksman Art Activities
  • History lessons in the Library
  • Hurling
  • Competition – Art and Literacy
  • Music with local musicians
  • Postal Bible School
  • Trips to Theatre/Panto
  • Red Kettle Theatre Group visit
  • Santa’s yearly visit
  • Science Trips
  • Maths Trips
  • National Spring Clean
  • Green Flag
  • Local surveys and trips locally
  • Visits for local sports people and authors
  • World Book Day Activities
  • West Waterford Sports
  • Hot Dog and Pizza Days
  • Gardening

Find out more details about the activities and events most special to us.


    The children really benefit from being able to express themselves through Drama. These lessons help both their confidence and co-operative skills as they work in groups to complete activities.


    During the school year we run a highly innovative music programme, which has been running in a few other schools throughout the country and has proven very beneficial. It provides all children, from first class onwards in our school, with the opportunity to learn to play the violin in a classroom situation.

    Such a teaching programme brings great social benefits to the school and can prove a completely different type of educational experience for children who might struggle in other areas of work. It opens up new musical possibilities for our children's education.


    Each year we are lucky to be included in events organised by The Lismore Castle. In the past we’ve had visits from authors as part of the annual Towers and Tales Exhibition. This is a wonderful event and the children thoroughly enjoy all of the events organised each year.


    Each year we travel to visit other schools and the children always enjoy meeting with new children.


    We all enjoy showing the new infants around the school and telling them all about what ‘Big School’ is like.


    Our annual Sports Day is one to be enjoyed by both students and parents. A variety of sports and games are organised for all to participate and have fun. The date, as always, is weather dependent.


    School Tours are always the highlight of June. They always prove to be a wonderful end to a busy and productive year and are a great reward for the children for all their hard work.

Meet Our Staff

Alanna Nichol

Principal, teaching Third to Sixth Classes

Helen Sheehan

Deputy Principal, teaching Junior Infants to Second Classes



Review the following Enrolment Policy, which outlines the entire enrolment process.


Then, simply fill out the form below to notify us of your intent to apply. Or, if you have any questions before you express intent to apply, please contact us and we’ll respond promptly with an answer.


This is not an application form and is not part of the selection process. The school will make a record of parents wishing to enrol their child/children for no other purpose than being in a position to post out application forms at the appropriate time.

The Board of Management usually considers enrolment applications in January for the following school year and will issue enrolment forms prior to the meeting.

Parents/guardians will be notified in writing of an enrolment decision shortly after the meeting.

Notification of Intention to Apply for Enrolment

I/we wish to register an application for an enrolment form in respect of

to Liosmór Mochuda National School for September in the year

in accordance with the foregoing information.

I/We understand this registration places the applicant pupil on a list of those requiring applications for the term and year stated.

I/We understand that this registration does not offer any preferment to the applicant pupil and does not guarantee any place for him/her either for the term and year requested or for any other term or year.

I/We understand that it is our responsibility to communicate to the school any change in our correspondence address.

I Understand

Our History

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In 1962 Dean Gilbert Mayes was the Dean of Lismore. Being an ardent historian, he knew that Lismore had an ancient tradition of learning and Christian worship. To carry on that tradition, he founded our school and tucked it under the tall spire of the Cathedral in the Deanery yard. Dean Mayes converted the stables into a classroom. The old horse stalls became toilets. The tack room became a store room for Art and Craft materials. In 1962 the first day of the new school was the 6th March. It opened with thirteen children on the roll books. These numbers swelled to twenty seven when the Church of Ireland School in Tallow, St Catherine’s, amalgamated with Liosmór Mochuda in 1969. A teacher was employed, Dean Mayes taught Religious Education in the school every day and Mrs. Mayes, a trained teacher, taught Arts and Crafts. A large pre-fab was erected, overlooking the school garden at the back which once served as lawn tennis court. In the front of the school, the cobbles were cemented over, making way for running and ball games.

The school became a two teacher school in 1975. In that year the old school managerial system was replaced by an elected Board of Management. All these were replaced by the present building and school garden in 1990. The new school was formally opened in 1991 by the Minister of Education (Mary O’Rourke) and Bishop Willoughby was also in attendance. A garden with playground equipment was designed and new wrought iron gates replaced the old wooden gate. The school motto was written on a plaque and can be seen at the entrance:

“Big Trees from Small Acorns Grow”

The school became a three teacher in 2001 and an additional pre-fab was built to house the third classroom. A few years later the school reverted to a two teacher school and the pre-fab was put into use as a computer and learning support/resource room. Over the years the school has maintained strong links with the parents and community. This has been fostered by attending education activities in the Castle and Heritage Centre, fundraisers, barbeques, sports days and services in the Cathedral.

School Policies

Policy creation is an on-going process with new policies being developed and existing policies being revised as time and circumstances require. All policies are available on request from the school office.

Click on the title to download and review our policies.


The curriculum is presented in four general areas, some of which are further subdivided into subjects.

Please click one or more of the areas below for review.

Board of

The Board’s main function is to manage the school on behalf of the patron and for the benefit of the students and to provide an appropriate education for each student at the school.

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